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Since 2007, I’ve donned multiple hats, from a commercial video producer and documentary filmmaker to a journalist, animator, photographer, and designer.

My collaboration on PBS Nova’s “Augmented” led to a selection at Doclands 2020 and an Emmy nomination in 2023. Additionally, I earned an Emmy for my contribution to “In Event of Moon Disaster” with the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality and received a nomination for the New York Times Opinion Video “Who Gets a Ventilator” in 2021.  My work has found its way into some pretty neat places like The New York Times and Scientific American and caught the attention of some award folks (Emmy awards, Pulitzer grantee, Telly Award, Webby Award, and more)! Working with awesome brands and groups, from Cartoon Network to Save the Redwoods League, has been a blast. I’m always on the lookout for fun and creative folks to team up with and make some magic!

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